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These games are from  Seussville:  Games and Activities  but with the name and description of each.

The collection of games listed below is suitable for elementary age children. Most games require the shockwave plugin or the flash plugin.

ABC Hide and Seek
Each letter flap has a picture behind it. Look for the letter that starts the thing's name.

Catch a Thing
Game that requires keen hand-eye coordination. Move the arrow keys to catch the "THINGS" that keep messing up the house!

Fox in Socks Matching Game
Arrange the words to describe the picture. Great game to reinforce the concept of 'in' and 'on.'

Find the Funny Fish
Introduction to 'opposite-like' concepts through rhyme.

Horton's Who Hunt
Interactive game that requires you to place a clover on Horton's trunk. It's kinda like a virtual 'pin the tail on the donkey', because you do it all in the dark!

Horton Hears a Who Story Maker
Create your own story. Enter your name and story title. You then get to select the background (setting), characters, music and text for 3 scenes. When complete, sit back and enjoy the book you wrote!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Online Coloring Book
Interactive coloring book with scenes from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Three images from the book can be colored. Interactive drawing tools included: draw circles, squares or add your own freehand drawing!

Lorax "Save the Trees" Game
Game that requires hand-eye coordination. Catch the 10 little Truffula seeds so you can replant the Truffula forest!

Oh! The Places You'll Go
Using the arrow keys, collect 5 orange balloons before you run out of time! Yellow balloons give you more time to do so.

Sam I Am Says
Repeat the words that Sam says. Click on the answers that match the order of what Sam is asking. Wait until Sam is done speaking before attempting. Each time you get an answer right, another phrase is added to the list.

Sneetch Belly Game
Note: Requires Shockwave Plugin
Sylvester McBean's Sneetch Belly Game. As each group of Sneetches moves into McBean's machine, try to remember the order in which they went by. Once Sneetches are inside the machine, the buttons turn from red to green. Press the buttons that correspond to the order of the Sneetch bellies that entered the machine. You earn a point for each Sneetch you remember correctly!

Who Said That? Game
Characters from Dr. Suess books are quoted. Do you know which character said what?







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