Harcourt Reading Resources
for Teachers:
Second Grade

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Harcourt Sites for Teachers for Second Grade

                Book 2-1 Just for You       Stories 1-7  updated with PDF files (8-15-11)

  Book 2-2  Banner Days

on  Anne Miller's Class Page (Fixed link 8-24-11)


Second Grade Teachers' Resources for
Harcourt Trophies

UPDATED: 10-3-12

All Reading Activities

by Harcourt

The Teacher's Guide Logo

Lesson Planner

by Harcourt

Virtual Vine Links for Second Grade

Online Word Lists and Flashcards

 by Ms. Ross in PA





Harcourt Sites - Some site are being updated and some are repeated at the bottom.  UPDATED: 10-3-12

Harcourt Trophies       2nd Grade

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Harcourt Trophies Second Grade

by Wearable lessons


Harcourt Trophies Book    2.1 and 2.2

Vocabulary, Spelling words, and Hotlist

Harcourt Resources

From Mrs. Burns' Class Page

Second Grade Resources for Harcourt Trophies 

Harcourt Trophies Homework Help      

by   Vermilion Schools



Harcourt Trophies Websites - Second Grade Book 1

Being Me  Helping Hands  Our World
 Grammar Practice  Grammar Practice Grammar Practice
Ideas for Writers Ideas for Writers Ideas for Writers
Writing Detective  Writing Detective Writing Detective
 Grammar Glossary  Grammar Glossary Grammar Glossary 


Harcourt Trophies Websites - Second Grade Book 2

 Imagine That  Neighborhood News Travel Time 
 Go for Grammar Gold  Go for Grammar Gold  Go for Grammar Gold
 Ideas for Writers  Ideas for Writers  Ideas for Writers
 Writing Detective  Writing Detective  Writing Detective
 Grammar Glossary Grammar Glossary  Grammar Glossary 

Homework Helper

 Homework Helper Homework Helper 

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