Learning About Plants 
How They Grow


  1. What are jumping beans and what makes them jump?

  2. What is a Venus Fly Trap and what does it eat?

  3. What is a Pitcher Plant and what does it eat?

  4. Learn how to grow worms.

  5. Cool things to learn about school  gardens.

  6. Build a plant, try the sundail, or try some of the other topics.

  7. Learn about your favorite flower.

  8. Learn about your favorite vegetable.

  9. You can learn how to plan a garden.

  10. You can read about the real Johnny Appleseed and the wonderful things he did.

  11. Learn the parts of the plant and watch the movie of the tree.

  12. Can you name the parts of the plants we eat?  Take this quiz.

  13. Name 3 ways that seeds are scattered.

  14. How do plants make food?

  15. Great place to learn all about gardening at Kid's Valley Garden.


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