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My Family  Update: 4-20-15

           Son-Terry, wife- Erin, Sons-Logan and Charlie
     Daughter- Lorie, husband-Richie, Son-Cole

  4 Grandsons, March 11, 2015

      Husband- Lawton   Pets: Mollie and Millie


When I go to a teacher's class page, I like to know something about him/her.  So I decided to write a short autobiography.  

I have a BS, MED, and EDS from Georgia Southern University in Early Childhood Education with a  Reading Specialist and SST (Supervision of Student Teachers) add- ons.

I taught first grade for nine years in Savannah-Chatham County School in Savannah, GA.

Then I taught second grade for twenty-nine years at Lanier Primary in the Bryan County  School System in Bryan County, GA.

I decided the time was right to retire, so I packed up my stuff and went home in  May of 2009.  (After 5 years of retirement, I really miss teaching, and would probably go back to work if I didn't feel like I was taking a job from a young teacher that needs the job.)

My class page was designed for my second graders to use at home and at school.  It was a safe way for them to surf the net.  I also used it as a teaching tool in the classroom.

As most teachers, I couldn't completely let go, so I keep my class page and decide to update it for the second grade teachers at my school to use. I had told the first grade teachers I would make PowerPoints and skillsheets to go with the reading series when I had time and now I have time.   Putting the PPT and skillsheets on the class page made it easier for them to download the materials.

When I realized other teachers from other systems were using the materials, I thought "This is wonderful."  I have always shared my stuff, and now I can share it with teachers everywhere. 

Therefore, if you need something that I don't have posted, let me know and I'll see if I have something.

I have 38 years of stuff and ideas that I'm always willing to share.  Just email me at lamiller_2@msn.com and write classpage in the subject bar.  It will go to the junk mail and  that will make it stand out so I can retrieve it.

Note:  I always had pets in my classroom.  Since I live on a lake, I would  find turtles and keep the little ones in the classroom.  Hence, the turtle theme. 

** I became a grandma for the first time on April 5, 2011.

Update 3-20-15:  I now have 4 grandsons and one on the way in August, 2015.  So I'll have 5 grands, 4 years and under.  I hope number 5 will want to wear pink.    


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