All About Money 




Introduction to the Penny (1st)

The Bumpy Dime  (1st)

Counting US Coins (1st)


For Kids



Buy It Money Game  (game)

Counting Money   (game)

Coin Madness  (game)

Working with Coins   (game)

Matching Money (game)

Money Matching    (game)

US Mint for Kids  (game)


Money For Kids

Time Machine (US mint)

The US Mint for Kids 

Dumptown Game

(more advanced students)

Identifying Money


LEARNING COINS  1st, 2nd, 3rd grade  Coin Identification Game


Circulating Coins
The Circulating Coins section tells kids the stories of the coins we use every day.

          All About Savings

Saving For a Treat


Additional Resources


All About Banking

Additional Money Games

Money Terminology

Learn About Debt

Dollars and Cents: identify amounts of money

do you have enough money

learn how to put numbers in order from lowest to highest

  Enough Money? Compare Money Matching Money Fruit Shoot Coins Fruit Shoot Coins 2
  matching money money match up
  Coin Madness Fruit Shoot Dollars Matching Money Matching Dollars  
    and Cents   Dimes and Pennies  

Using and Spending Money

Money for the Fishbowl  grade 3,4,5


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