Welcome to Open House

At Lanier Primary

Second Grade

Dear Parents,

       Hello!  I am your child’s teacher, Mrs. Anne Miller.  I want to welcome you to our class and invite you to actively participate in the education of your child.  I am looking forward to working with your child this year, and with your encouragement and support, your child should make much progress.    

There are some things I need to inform you of at this time.  I hope the outline below will help you understand the routine and procedures of our classroom.

Students will have reading, language,  math, some unit,  and spelling assignments during the week.  NO HOMEWORK ON THE WEEKENDS!  PLEASE INITIAL ALL OF YOUR CHILD’S WORK SO THAT I WILL KNOW YOU HAVE SEEN IT.

1.     PAPER:  A parent made a comment about supplies.  I liked the idea and so did the other parents.  It saved them money and the problems of trying to keep up with their children’s supplies.  The suggestion was for all students to bring in a pack of WIDE RULE notebook paper and give it to me.  Then I distributed the paper as they needed it.  Students like to draw on notebook paper, give it away, throw it away, and use it for a variety of non-instructional activities.   As you can see this will really cut down on waste and save money on supplies. 

2.    PENCILS AND ERASERS:  You just need to make sure your child has pencils and erasers everyday.

3.    I would also like to have a 3 prong plastic folder from each child. This folder will be used to replace the old, worn out homework folder.  The new plastic folders may even last the entire year. (The life of a homework folder depends on the child.) There is a supply list on the county site. But this is all I require for my classroom. 

FOR SCHOOL YEAR 2008-2009  

#2 pencils
Wide-ruled notebook paper
Pink bar eraser or pencil cap erasers
Plastic three-pronged
folder with pockets (1)

You may want to send scissors, crayons, glue, markers and/or colored pencils for your child to have at his/her desk.  Please do not send rolling book bags or trapper keepers.  We do not have the room to store these items.  Book bags must be the kind that the contents can be seen.


       NOTE:   Students must go to the lunchroom to eat before they come to class.  Please encourage your child to eat breakfast either at home or school.  Research shows that students are more alert and do better in school if they eat breakfast.

       I know that this is a lengthy letter, but I hope it will help you to understand the routine of our classroom and better help you to help your child.  I know you feel that not only is your child in school, but so are you.  Take it from one who knows, this feeling will not go away until your child graduates.  If you have any problems or questions concerning your child’s progress, please feel free to contact me either at home or at school.  I want to work closely with you and your child so he/she can achieve his/her full potential.


Anne Miller


                                               Home phone:  858-2362

Cell phone: 661-3696                                          

 Email lamiller_2@msn.com 

School Email: amiller@bryan.k12.ga.us


 The class page will have information about our class.  Check it out.

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