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    GREA Interactive Forms   




I was on the committee that developed the interactive forms for the website.  All the forms are made so you can:

     1.   type the information in the form

     2.   save it to your computer, and

     3.    then send it on to GREA or me.

         You can also go to the website and retrieve the forms.   Click on the website below and scroll down to the  bottom and you will find the forms.

               GREA Handbook- 2014-2015             



LOCAL UNIT-______________________________________ AREA-_______________________

___NUMBER OF BLUE SHIRTS           _________________ SIZES OF BLUE SHIRTS

------NUMBER OF GREEN SHIRTS        _________________ SIZES OF GREEN SHIRTS

This form can be emailed back to me( by August 25th so I can order shirts or you can call me at 478-836-3483.  Please be sure to get your money to your president by the area meeting so she can pick up shirts.  Shirts ordered but not paid for by area meetings will be left with Area Directors for you to pick up.  We do not want to pay postage to mail shirts.

Area V & VI Meeting  in Brunswick, GA

                       When:          October 7th

                       Where:        College Place United Methodist Church

                                         3890 Atlama Avenue, Brunswick

                       Time:           Registration will begin at 9:00 am

                       Meeting Time:  9:45

                       Lunch:           Lunch will follow the meeting for a cost of $10

                       Note:     Lunch will be paid for on site by cash or check payable to GREA. 

                                   However, we do need a Lunch count  by Monday, September 29th. 

                                           Lunch will follow the meeting for a cost of $10.  Lunch will be paid

                                          for on site by cash or check payable to GREA. 


                Agenda for GREA AREAS 5 and 6


Overview of the the Area 5 and 6 Meeting in Brunswick, GA.

Hi, I thought I would give you a quick review of the information we received at the Area Meeting.

    ADD: They want units to work on increasing membership.   Also if you have members that pay by the year, to encourage them to renew with ADD (Automatic Dues Deduction).  It saves the GREA money on paper and stamps when they have to send out reminders each year.

 James Twiggs said you can use  to find phone # or use tax digest when you are looking for new members invite to your Unit meetings.  It was also suggested to fill out the information on the cards so all the prospective member would need to do is sign it and put their SS#. 

Most important is to put your Unitís name, not the initials.   Example:  Screven, Chatham, etc for the Unitís name. 

   Presidentís Project:  President Teasley wants the units to collect 10,000 drink can tabs for the Shriners.   She said to make sure they are aluminum and if you are not sure run a magnet over them, if they stick, throw them away.  Or if your unit prefers, they could donate $100 instead of collecting drink tabs. 

 Museum Brick:   They are hoping that all units will buy a brick to represent their unit in the main courtyard at the museum.  This brick would also count as your donation to the museum this year. 

 Criteria for GREA Awards, etc. :   James (Jim) Haymans is our President-Elect and in charge of Criteria awards, certificates and recognition.  He reviewed some of the requirements that a unit needs to earn these. 

 Units need at least two newsletters per year.

Volunteer hours can be anything done with the community, church, school, etc.  (Taking care of your grandchildren doesnít count, too bad.)

Encourage Units to give out scholarship to someone in their community.

 He wants to encourage Units to do a scrapbook to share with members, community, and the GREA Convention, but GREA wants one page for the State Scrapbook.  This would be a synopsis of the important highlights of the year for your unit.  There is a large envelope and a clear plastic sleeve to use for your scrapbook page.  The directions are in the envelope or sleeve.  

He also went over the other requirements that are in your BLUE GREA Planning Guide.

  T-Shirts:   Past President, Rita Marable, is in charge of ordering T-shirts.  If you want one you need to contact her and she wants the money ahead of time if possible.  She is doing one last order by the end of the month.  Let her know if anyone in your unit wants a T-shirt.

  GREA Executive Director:  Bill Sloan wanted to stress that when you sell your Spotlight Ads to look over the information and make sure you can read it.  He would love for you to use the fill in the blank on the website to type it in so they will have the correct information.

 Again write out your Unitís name, not the initials.   I find that if you ask for a business card, this will usually give you the information you need.  But for ďIn memory of,Ē make sure the information is spelled correctly and legible.

 Note: Some units do not get credit because the office canít read the handwriting, the unit forgets to put the unit name on it or put the initials. He said for example there are 7or 8 BREA units.