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Student Answer Worksheet 

Student Answer Worksheet

      UPDATED 4-26-11

1. Who is the governor  of Georgia?


2. What is his occupation?


3. Name the State Amphibian.

4. What is the name

of this canyon?


5. What is the name

 of this  Water Fall?


6. Name  the Capital of Georgia.

Right Whale

7.Name the State Mammal.

8.Name the

State Reptile.

9.  What is this?

10. He was a president.

11. What Spring is this?


12. What is the name

of this house?


13. Who is this?

14. What is  his occupation?

15. What is the name

of this mountain?


16. What is his




17.  Name the State butterfly

Tybee Island Light

18. Name this lighthouse.


19. Name the Game Bird.


20. Where are they?

21.   What is the

name of this  Zoo?

Statue of James Oglethorpe at the Augusta Common

22. Who is the founder of Augusta, Georgia?

23. Who is the founder  and

 early leader of colonial

Savannah,  Georgia?


Dahlonega Gold Museum


24. Where was the first

gold rush in Georgia?


25. Where are these horses?


26.  He was a civil rights leader and a preacher.


 27. What are these called?

Earth lodge at night

28.What is the name of the mounds in Macon?


29.What states is northeast of Georgia?   

What Ocean  is southeast of Georgia?


30. What is a person called that makes candles and soap? 

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31. When was this flag adopted?  (date)

32. Georgia's state flower

is the ________.     

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