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  1. References and Search   Engines for Students  Updated:  11-6-13 

  2. Fire Safety             

  3. Teeth                   

  4. Social Studies Sites  (Thanksgiving)

  5. Native American Shelter

  6. Ocean Websites

  1. Super Science Sites

  2. Math Websites

  3. Favorite Websites

  4. Solar Systems   

  5. Our Solar System Sites

  6. Holiday Sites


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References and Search   Engines for Students  Click Here

Dib Dab Doo and Dilly Too


 Enter Word-Central HallwaysStudent Dictionary


Zoom School

(Information about Countries and animals)
Surfing the Net with Kids: educational website reviews for families and teachers


   Mother Goose                       Saturn

       Enchanted Learning -- Home Page


OneKey - The Kid Safe Search Engine. KidsClick!


.a safe Internet gateway for kids.

..created and maintained by educators...


Fun Stuff for Elementary Students

Shape, selling & Alphabet, Reading, Writing & Grammar,

Math & Money, The United States, Science, Art & Music, Geography






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Holiday Site

    Halloween Sites for Kids and Teachers

Halloween SafetyGraphics By Valerie


Halloween Sites for Kids

Pumpkins Aplenty, Pumpkins Galore Halloween Websites
Free kids halloween games and activities

Kid Zone

  Interactive Halloween Math Games for Children go to DLTK's Homepage

DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Halloween Activities for Children 

DLTK's Holiday Activities

go to DLTK's Homepage


    Christmas Sites
  The First Thanksgiving

Great site with videos and slide shows 
Thanksgiving Sites   for Kids

girl readingBook and Computer Adventures Learn to Type

Dance Mat Typing


Updated; 4-22-12


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Dr. SeussFavorite Websites                       Page Link



Lil' Fingers The Froggy Page

Sports for Kids


Kids can read

books on line.

logo: Inkless Tales

Stories, Poems, Science, Games and More



Discovery Kids
Disney Online -
The Official Home Page
 of The Walt Disney Company!

The Walt Disney Company
funschool Billy Bear 4 Kids Cyberkids Sea World

Jan Brett


Mem Fox

Mem Fox
Robert Munsch

Robert Munsch


Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss
Sesame Street Alfy Nick Jr. The Magic School Bus Handwriting Practice


Eric Carle Homepage

Chateau Meddybemps Funology Barbie Book Adventure Yahooligans! Games Hide-and-Seek

Clifford, the Big Red Dog

 Bear Country

Junie B. Jones

PBS Kids
Children's Storybooks Online
Children's Storybooks Online



 The Kid's Ag Page

Enchanted Learning

K-8 Kids' Place

LEGO * Spot's Homepage Penguin Activities Up to Ten

Dr. Seuss Activities

- Kids Center


N O G G I N:

Games & More

  Penguin Facts

Ben & Jerry's
 Fun Stuff
Home StarRunner Penguin Photos Hedgie's AlphabetHedgie's Alphabet

Picture Dictionary








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Fire Safety                   Page Link


Smokey Kids Survive Alive: Fire Safety Federal Emergency Management Agency: FEMA for Kids

The Toads Favorite

Fire Pads

Fun With Fire Engines Activity
Escape Rules in a Fire Fire Safe kids Main Page  

  Learn about the fireman's tools.

Fire Kids! Fun Page
USFA Kids   Learn about fire safety MAKE A TRUCK Explore a new Fire Engine:Fire Engine Home Hazard Hunt gameRisk Watch: Make Time For Safety
Safety Sliders game Play It Safe game Risk Riddler game Safety Search game

[Hershey cartoon]



Survive Alive Village

Safety Sliders game

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Teeth                  Page Link

The Smilestones

The Smilestones Stories

The Smyles

Smile Kids


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  Social Studies Sites                                 Page Link

hats_graphicWe are Consumers and Producers Don't Buy It - Get Media Smart
Students explore advertising tricks to understand how producers get consumers to buy their goods.

Learn the Continents and View a World Map

Students engage in an interactive activity where they can learn where the continents are on a world map.

  Don't Buy It, Get Media Smart! Kids Web Japan Australia  
1627 Pilgrim Village, click here for more information.Plimoth Plantation, the living-history museum of the 17th century, located in Plymouth, MA An American Thanksgiving Welcome to

Plimoth Plantation



Weekly Reader Publishing White House Kids Front PageWhite House Kids ANTARCTICA  
Welcome to

Plimoth Plantation


GO PLACES with TFK: Australia Australia
Japan Mount Fuji, Honshu, Japan



Virtual Japanese Culture





Native American Shelters                                                           Page Link

Eastern Woodlandwpe21077.gif (65239 bytes)


Northeast Totems to Turquoise NativeTech: Scenes from the Eastern Woodlands - A Virtual Tour

Native Americans

NativeTech: - GAMES AND TOYS NativeWeb About the NativeTech Home Page


Ocean Websites                                      Page Link

Manatees & Dugongs Whales WALRUSSea Mammals What is the Voyage of the Odyssey

 Video of sea mammals


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Super Science Sites              Page Link

Science - Materials


The properties of solids, liquids and gases


Quiz - Solids, Liquids & Gases


Exploring Butterflies Graphic


Solids, Liquids, and Gases


Solids, Liquids and Gases

A video clip showing the molecules in motion in each of the states of matter.
Backyard Jungle Weather Dude Zoom Astronomy



Jokes and Riddles


Interactive Fun Puzzles American Museum of Natural HistoryPicture of the Week


ANSMET Logo and Section Buttons

ANSMET - The Antarctic Search for Meteorites

NASA KIDS - a nasa site dedicated to kids - Kids of all ages!


from Primary Games

compiled by Kathi Mitchell


Astronomy For Kids -


Create yourown beast!!


Scientific Dictionaries


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Solar System Sites    Page Link

  1. Astronomy Puzzles


  3. Constellation Hunt

  4. Phases of The Moon

  5. Solar System

  6.  Connect the Stars (It makes a constellation by connection stars.)

  7. Constellations   (Tells about each constellation)

  8. Fun & Games

    Mars Rovers      Spirit  and Opportunity- see what they see- great trip if you want to know what Mars is lik

Out in Space by Mrs. Miller



Windows to

the Universe




Windows to the Universe


Kids space

StarChild Jokes and Riddles


Astronomy For Kids -

Our Solar System

Zoom Astronomy

NASA -National Aeronautics and Space Administration


STS-115 written over a drawing of a space shuttle
STS-115 Memory Game
Match all eight pairs and win!
+ View
Cartoon of space shuttle
Shuttle Tac Toe
Can you beat the computer in this game?
+ View
Four blocks from the game with the words heat, eclipse, orbit, wind
Find the Matching Sun Words
Match the sun words in this memory game.
+ View
NASA -National Aeronautics and Space Administration

GAMESKids Main Page

Tails of Wonder logo
Tails of Wonder Game
Read Tails of Wonder, then play the game!
+ View
Cartoon drawing of Cassini and Huygens near Saturn
Two Friends at Saturn Memory Game
Play the memory game about the two friends who go to Saturn.
+ View
  + More Games
Top of Space Place Logo

NASA KIDS - a nasa site dedicated to kids - Kids of all ages!


21st Century Explorer Astro-Venture

American Museum of Natural HistoryPicture of the Week

NASA Quest

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Math Websites                   Page Link

Learn About the Math CD

Second Grade Math

Flashcards by Karen

AAA Second Grade Math  
Lots of games to practice all kinds of second grade math.


Addition with Regrouping
Take a train ride to see how well you can do!

Math Baseball
Test your math skills while scoring some runs!

Let's Tell Time
Practice telling time while playing this game

$$$  Money Flashcards $$$

$$$   Money Flashcards $$$$$
Practice counting money


The ArithmAttack

The ArithmAttack 
A great way to practice those math facts. You have 60 seconds to complete as many facts as you can. A great site to visit often to keep up those math facts.



Other Websites

Sites for K-2 Teachers      by Jerrie Cheek: Kennesaw, GA


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