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  Our Solar System Sites page  Space Sites


  1. Astronomy Puzzles


  3. Constellation Hunt

  4. Phases of The Moon

  5.  Shows animation of moon's Phases and rotation of Earth

  6.  Welcome to SCIENCE FUN!   For Kids


  8. Constellations   (Tells about each constellation)

  9. Fun & Games

  10. Connect the Dots



Buzz Lightyear -- To Infinity and Beyond!

Buzz Light-year Returns From Space


Cosmic Corridor

STS 133 Cosmic Corridor




Screenshot of Color NASA


A bright blue jigsaw puzzle piece beside the words Put It Together

Put It Together



Out in Space by Mrs. Miller


Windows to

the Universe




Kids space



Astronomy For Kids -

Our Solar System

Zoom Astronomy


STS-115 written over a drawing of a space shuttle
STS-115 Memory Game
Match all eight pairs and win!
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Cartoon of space shuttle
Shuttle Tac Toe
Can you beat the computer in this game?
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Four blocks from the game with the words heat, eclipse, orbit, wind
Find the Matching Sun Words
Match the sun words in this memory game.
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Tails of Wonder logo
Tails of Wonder Game
Read Tails of Wonder, then play the game!
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Cartoon drawing of Cassini and Huygens near Saturn
Two Friends at Saturn Memory Game
Play the memory game about the two friends who go to Saturn.
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  + More Games

NASA Quest

Top of Space Place Logo

NASA KIDS - a nasa site dedicated to kids - Kids of all ages!

Astronomy Sites
by Science Sites for Kids or  Mrs. Mitchell's Virtual School
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MATTER , MATTER     Matter Sites


Solids, Liquids and Gases

A video clip showing the molecules in motion in each of the states of matter.

The properties of solids, liquids and gases

Quiz - Solids, Liquids & Gases

Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Science - Materials


 Slideshow aboutMatter


Good Review


 Slide Show

What Is It Made Of?

Look at objects and decide whether it is made out of glass, wood, metal or rubber.

What are the Three States of Matter?

Find out with an online movie.

Strange Matter

Strange Matter

  • Float or Sink?
  • Choose which objects will float in water and which will sink.
Float and Sink

Find out why some things float, and others sink.




Mix up some magic! Pour and mix then add color, bubbles or powder for exciting endings.



Study the properties, states and changes of matter.


Test metal, fabric, paper, plastic and rubber to see if they are flexible, strong or waterproof.


Solids and Liquids

Put different solids and liquids into an oven or freezer and see what happens.



by Science Sites for Kids or 
Mrs. Mitchell's Virtual School


Solids and Liquids

Change It Game

Characteristics of Materials


Changing State

Gases Liquids Solids

Reversible and Irreversible Changes

 Gases, Liquids, and Solids
 Characteristics of Materials
 Changing States
 Solids and Liquids
 Reversible and Irreversible Changes
 Molecules of Matter
 Change It! Game
Solid and Liquids

Matter Sites (CP)

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Weather Sites  Weather Sites

Weather Resources

for Students


Weather Wiz Kids

Weather Games

Weather Safety

Weather Experiments

Web Weather for Kids



by Science Sites for Kids or 
Mrs. Mitchell's Virtual School



Weather Title

D4K Dialogue for Kids Banner

Weather Watch

Interactive Weather Maker


Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page

Weather Dude

Sky Diary: Kidstorm
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Odds and Ends Science Sites

Solar       System

Jokes and Riddles


Interactive Fun Puzzles American Museum of Natural HistoryPicture of the Week


ANSMET Logo and Section Buttons

ANSMET - The Antarctic Search for Meteorites

Backyard Jungle    


Create your own beast!!


Discovery Kids

Scientific Dictionaries


from Primary Games

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 Magnets Sites

D4K Dialogue for Kids Banner

Force and Motion            By Mrs. Hicks

Magnets     By Mrs. Hicks

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 MAGNETS  Magnet Sites


Magnets and Springs

Electricity and Magnetism

Curious George: Magnets






1.Smokey Kids  


3.Federal Emergency Management Agency: FEMA for Kids



4.[Hershey cartoon] 5.

Survive Alive Village

  6. Sparky    Sparky



Escape Rules in a Fire


8.Fire Safe kids Main Page    Learn about the fireman's tools. 9.Fun With Fire Engines Activity

10.     USFA Kids  

Learn about fire safety




Fire Kids! Fun Page

13.Safety Sliders game 14.Play It Safe game 15.Home Hazard Hunt game

Risk Watch: Make Time For Safety


Webquest by A. Miller



 Fire Safety

18.Explore a new Fire Engine:

Fire Engine

19.  Fire Safe kids Main Page   

Learn about the fireman's tools.

20.The Toads Favorite Fire Pads



Escape Rules in a Fire

Quiz on Fire Safety

Home Fire Safety and Map

Fire Safety Puzzle


Fire Safety


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  Plant and Animals Life Cycles Page:   Life Cycle Sites
The Great Plant Escape - learn  about plants 

All About Plants from Enchanted Learning

Carnivorous Plants


Study of Plant Parts The Main Parts of a Plant with activities, crosswords, and matching games.



What Treee is it?  Identify by leaf, fruit  and name.

Sci 4 Kids Plant-Parts Salady

Plants And Our Environment


 Mold Terrarium

Plant Parts PPT by Mrs. Hicks

 Free Presentations in PowerPoint format
& Free Online Games for Kids


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 Plant and Animals Life Cycles Page:       Life Cycle Sites

 Animal Safari
 Animal Homes
 Animal Habitats
 Animal Tracks
 Animals of the World
 Creature Feature
 What's My Covering?
What Do I Eat?
 Find the Parent
 Insect Hunt

 Endangered Species Concentration Game
 Drag and Drop Habitat Game
 Food Chains
 Living Things Sort (Classification)
 What's My Class?
 Zoo Crew (Groups of Animals)


Create yourown beast!


Habitats & Life Science

By Mrs. Hicks

Scientific Dictionaries Interactive Fun Puzzles
Backyard Jungle Habitat PPT by Mrs. Hicks


ANSMET Logo and Section ButtonsANSMET - The Antarctic Search for Meteorites
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Updated: 1-5-12       Sites on Penguins    Penguin Sites

  1. KidZone Penguins

  2. Penguins in New Zealand

  3. - Frequently asked questions

  4. Penguin Adaptation

  5. PENGUIN-- Kids' Planet -- Defenders of Wildlife

  6. Yahoo kids! Directory  

  7.    PENGUINS AROUND THE WORLD     Fun & Facts About Penguins

    Great site with great information for Teachers and students.

    1. Pictures of Penguins

    2. Habitats of Penguins

    3. Penguin Fun Facts

    4. Test Yourself

    5. Learning Activities

    6. Collaborative Ideas

    7. Resources

    8. Lesson Plans

    9. Index: Where Penguins Live


Penguin Planet - photographic book by Kevin Schafer

  1. Penguin Planet - (Kid's Corner)

  2. Adelie Penguins

  3.  Adelie Penguins

  4. Chinstrap Penguins

  5.  Chinstrap Penguins

  6.  Chinstrap Penguins

  7. Emperor Penguins

  8.  Emperor Penguins

  9. Emperor Penguins Chick

  10. Penguins

  11. Penguins On Falkland Island

  12. Galapagos Penguins

  13. Gentoo Penguins

  14. Galapagos Penguins

  15. Galapagos Penguins

  16. King Penguins

  17. King Penguins

  18. King Penguins

  19. Macaroni Penguins

  20. Macaroni Penguins

  21. Rockhopper Penguins

  22. Rockhopper Penguins

  23. Rockhopper Penguins

  24. Royal Penguins

  25.  Royal Penguins

  26. Little Blue (Fairy) Penguins

  27. Little Blue (Fairy) Penguins


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