Plants and Animals:
Life Cycles    

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PowerPoint:   Carnivorous Plants

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  Plants for Kids  

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       All About Plants

 Plants And

Our Environment

  1. Pollination

  2. Spreading Seeds

  3. Monocots and Dicots

  4. How Plants Grow

  1. Germination

  2. Photosynthesis

  3. Our Environment

  4. Plant Activities

  5. Glossary

  6. Bibliography


Plants And Our Environment


Kids World -

Plant Nutrition

What is Photosynthesis?:


from Primary Games


Kids Looking at Terrarium        Mold Terrarium

The Life Cycle of a Frog 

Explore Chickscope
Find out about the life cycle
of the chicken.


     You can watch a butterfly hatch from the Chrysalis.



To play, click below:


Mapped image showing Dr. Watts, the Sci4Kids guide, before a landscape of objects that link to stories about science


What Tree is it?  Identify by leaf, fruit  and name.


Food Web

Scientific Dictionaries



Create yourown beast!


Kids World

Food Safety


Kids World





Chain Reaction Game

Chain Reaction

 Animal Habitats
 Animals of the World
 Creature Feature
 Find the Parent
 Insect Hunt

Recycled Soda Bottle Hydroponics: Science Experiments for Kids

Ants, Bees & Wasps     Insects.orgTrue Bugs

 Pictures of

 All Kinds of Bugs

Entophiles Insect Pictures & Bio 



     *** B A C K Y A R D N A T U R E ***




Plant Information Website

Life Cycle  Website

The Life Cycle of Plants Website

The Phases of the Plant Life Cycle Website
Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant


The Life of Plants PDF

Plant Life Cycles PDF

Life Cycle of a Plant PDF


Bee graphic
Farmer on Tractor


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Free Presentations in PowerPoint format
Plants And Our Environment
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