Our Solar System


    Information and Skill sheets using PDF
  1. Name the Planets in Order (PDF file)
  2. Constellation Review  (PDF file)
  3. Constellation Study Guide  (PDF file)
  4. Space Picture Dictionary  (PDF file)
  5. Solar System Puzzle (PDF file)
    Created by A. Miller
  1. Space Vocabulary Review  (PDF file)
  2. Space Check -up (Easy) (PDF file)
  3. Space Check -up (Fill in the blank)  (PDF file)
  4. The Vocabulary Words For Unit on Space (PDF file)
  5. Zodiac with pictures (PDF file)

PowerPoints- by Anne Miller

  1. Do You Know Your Space Facts?

  2. Earth from Space

  3. Constellations 

  4. Space Vocabulary

  5. Moon Phases

  6. Planets and the Solar System

  7. Out in Space                                 Scavenger Hunt by A. Miller


The Earth

The Solar System

The Sun

The Moon

  1. Take the space quiz!

    Tonight's Sky

    highlights of the February sky

  1. What Is the Space Shuttle?

  2. Cosmic Corridor

  3. Star Gazing Game - good for angle measurement

  4. Sky Memory Game

  5. Pictures in the Sky    Click on the Play Audio and it will tell you how to say the name.

  6. Virtual Telescope

  7. Constellations

  8. How Many Stars in the Sky?

  9. Astronomy Puzzles


  11. Constellation Hunt

  12. Phases of The Moon

  13.  Shows animation of moon's Phases and rotation of Earth

  14. Constellations   (Tells about each constellation)

  15. Fun & Games

  16.  Mars Rovers      Spirit  and Opportunity- see what they see-

  17. great trip if you want to know what Mars is like.

  18. Astronomy Puzzles


  20. Constellation Hunt

  21. Phases of The Moon

  22.  Shows animation of moon's Phases and rotation of Earth

  23.  Welcome to SCIENCE FUN!   For Kids

  24. Constellations   (Tells about each constellation)

  25. Fun & Games

  26. Connect the Dots
  27. Games
Buzz Lightyear -- To Infinity and Beyond!

Buzz Light-year Returns From Space


Cosmic Corridor

STS 133 Cosmic Corridor

Screenshot of Color NASA


A bright blue jigsaw puzzle piece beside the words Put It Together

Put It Together

Astro-Venture NASA Quest

Zoom Astronomy


Jokes and Riddles





NASA KIDS - a nasa site dedicated to kids - Kids of all ages!

stronomy For Kids - KidsAstronomy.com

Our Solar System



STS-115 written over a drawing of a space shuttle
STS-115 Memory Game
Match all eight pairs and win!
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Cartoon of space shuttle
Shuttle Tac Toe
Can you beat the computer in this game?
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Four blocks from the game with the words heat, eclipse, orbit, wind
Find the Matching Sun Words
Match the sun words in this memory game.
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Tails of Wonder logoTails of Wonder Game
Read Tails of Wonder, then play the game!
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Cartoon drawing of Cassini and Huygens near SaturnTwo Friends at Saturn Memory Game
Play the memory game about the two friends who go to Saturn.
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+ More Games


Out in Space by Mrs. Miller Kids space





Sites on Solar System/Space


Windows to the Universe


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