Our Tooth Scavenger Hunt 

by Mrs. Miller

 Colgate Kids
The Smilestones

The Smilestones Stories

The Smyles

Smile Kids

Visiting the Dental Hygienist

Let's Raid the Kitchen!

Frogwart and the Tooth Fairies - Online story.


From baby teeth to braces, Healthy Teeth is all about what goes on inside your mouth. Produced by dentists for elementary aged kids curious about the "why?" of oral health.

ALFY's Picks for DentalALFY -
 Teach Learn Communicate Health
Mouth and Teeth
Landie And The Loose Tooth
Simple Steps To Better Dental Health

                 Donít Brush? Yucky!        





For the Teacher:
  1. Awesome Teeth - Lesson ideas.
  2. DLTK's Crafts for Kids
    Dental Health Month

  3. Dental Coloring Pages - Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture before printing.

  4. Dental Games - Click on the game you wish to play.

  5. Dental Health/Dentist - Theme ideas and activities From Stormie's theme pages.


  1. Letís Talk Teeth Dental Health Unit

  2. Dental Health Theme - Book list, ideas, activities, and more.  (preschoolers)

    Dental Health Theme II - Songs, art ideas, games, science, and more (preschoolers)

  3. Dental Health Unit - All About Teeth theme page....don't miss this page for great ideas, books, and activities on a dental health theme.

  4. Dental Health Guide for Children

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