Our Classroom Pets             

"Gemme" is our classroom

guinea pig.

  She's a take home pet.



"Gemme" is a friendly guinea pig.  The students love to feed her and pet her. She looks forward to the parade of students with treats of fresh fruits and vegetables from the lunchroom. Students from other classes also bring her treats.



Tripod is our bearded dragon.  He has only 3 feet. 

His sister, Lizzie, ate the other one when they were small.

Lizzie lives in Mrs. Deloach's classroom now.

They are now 2 and 1/2 years old and still growing.

Tripod and his sister Lizzie.

Bearded Dragons- One month old

Tripod is now about 5 years old.

Tripod likes to eat most fruits, green leafy vegetables, and especially crickets.

Tripod is on summer break.

Soon, he will to return to school to his new home in the library.


Grumpy hatched from an egg in the classroom over  25 years ago.  I'd had him every since, but after I retired I returned him to the lake.


Tom is a slider.

"Hans" doesn't have any back flippers. 

Scooter-  our veiled chameleon

1 month old

Scooter died when the electricity went off during a cold snap.


Scooter shedding - May 5, 2005

(9 months old)


"Flipper" the Box Turtle or (Gofer Turtle)



 Updated: 8-14-11