Savannah:  A
Historical Tour


Using the clues on the worksheet, find as many answers as you can. 

Match the clue to the picture and write the letter on the line.

 A.   The Bacon House



B.       First African Baptist    Church


C.     Independent Presbyterian


 D.    Rain Spout    E.    Hitching Post       F.    Dolphins on Guns
G.       Paw Bench    H.      Colonial Park Cemetery  I.        Griffin
J.    Savannah Cotton Exchange



   K.     Lutheran Church

of Ascension


L.    Mickve Israel Temple -

 a Jewish Synagogue


 M.   John Wesley Statue  N.   Bridges and Cobblestones   O.   Oglethorpe's Spot
   P.  Hampton Lillibridge House



  Q.    Green-Meldrim House   R.   Massey School




S.  Live Oak 300 year old    T.   Oglethorpe's Bench   U.   Statue of Oglethorpe
V.   Washington's Guns   W.   Urn   X.   Tomichichi's Monument
 Y.   City Hall  Z.   Pirate's House  AA.    Pink House

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