Native Americans:

A Scavenger Hunt


1. What kind of home did the East and Southeast Indians used? Draw a picture. (Hint:Scroll Down)

2. What kind of home did the Plain Indians  used? Draw a picture. (Hint:Scroll Down)

3. If you want to see other homes for the other Indian Tribes in America, click on the different colored parts.

4.What kind of food did the southwest Indians hunt?

5. Pick out an Indian basket that you like and draw a picture of it.

6.  Do at least three games from this page:

7. You can explore other Indian tribes and learn more about them by playing games.

8. What is lacrosse?

9. Explore your different tribes and pick your favorite. 

10. What is a dream catcher?

11. Learn about Spanish Colonial Horse and the Plains     Indian Culture.

12.Read  stories of the Native Americans.


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