Second Grade:

Colonial  America

  1. Savannah: A Historical Tour

  2. The Georgia State Capitol - A Symbol of the New South  Virtual tour

  3. Georgia on My Mind  by Jerrie Cheek

  4.  Plymouth


Learning About Plants and How They Grow

Backyard Jungle

Solar System

Our Solar System Sites

  1.  Out in Space by Mrs. Miller

Space: Online Activities 

  1. Connect the Stars
  2. Sites on Solar System/Space

Eastern Woodland and Plain Indians

  1. Native Americans:  by  A. Miller

  2. Sites on Native Americans

Physical Science

  1. Movie on Matter   TeachersFirst - The Web Resource for K-12 Teachers

  2. Sites on Matter  by Mrs. Miller

  3. Matter/Mass/Atoms/Molecules  (sites on matter)

  4. Sites on Weather/Climate


Index of Japan




  1. More About Japan - Anne Miller (2)




  1. Australia Site 2

  2. Zoom School on Australia

  3. Australia's Animals

  4.  More links for Kids (Australia)

  5. Enchanting Learning (Australia)

  6. Australia for Kids

  7. Tales from the Billabong - Fraynework Multimedia - Interactive Stories and Games

  8. Mem Fox Mem Reads Aloud   Stories about Australian animals

  9. Flying Foxes in Australia

  10. Unique Australian Animals

  11. Australia - Kids Down Under, resources for Australian kids

  12. Go Places in Australia

  13. Australia Day  and General Australia Crafts


  1. Our Tooth Scavenger Hunt  by Mrs. Miller

  2. Colgate-Palmolive Kids World

  3. Welcome to Smilestone Island

  4. The Smilestones Stories

  5. Smile Kids

  6. Sites on Nutrition


  1.  Splash Into An Aquarium


  1. Sites on Children's Literature



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