Our Tooth Scavenger Hunt


1.  Let visit the dentist office and learn about the tools.

2.  What happens when you get  a cavity?

3.  Check out these  fun snacktime  games.  Click here too.

4. After School Treats   Check out this fun snack game
When your really hungry any kind of food looks great. But after playing this game, you'll know which ones are better for your teeth, and how to prevent sugary foods from causing harm.

5.  How many tissues make up a tooth?

6.  Why do you need to brush your teeth?

7.  Learn more about: Teeth Cleaning

8.  Draw a  tooth and label its parts.

9.  Visit the Dental Hygienist                                                                                 Check out some of the equipment that your dental hygienists uses, then try to find all the hidden toothbrushes.

9. Read the story: Frankie Loses A Tooth

10. More stories about Dental Health:  The Smilestones Stories

11. Take a quiz on Dental Health.  Click the last circle called:

              Take the Challenge

12.  Click  on this picture on the web site to find out more about your mouth and teeth.


More Sites for Dental Health

Colgate-Palmolive Kids World

Welcome to Smilestone Island

The Smilestones Stories

Smile Kids


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