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Reading:  Harcourt Trophies for First and Second Grade

Second Grade    Harcourt Trophies Reading Series

  1. Harcourt for Second Grade Teachers   (Note: 2 and 3 are the same, but with corrections.)

  2. Book 2-1 Just for You

  3. Book 2-2  Banner Days

  1. Harcourt Reading Resources for 2nd Grade      (from other school systems)

  2. Harcourt Activity Center

  3. Reading Site 2nd  Grade

  4. eHomework for all Grade levels       Games and Skills for Students


First Grade Harcourt

Harcourt Trophies Reading Series

(CRCT Skills sheets)

Harcourt  Reading  Site - 1st GradeHarcourt

         Second Grade CRCT Practice Test     INTERACTIVE PRACTICE

                             Teachers take a look at these interactive  sites to help with CRCT practice. LINKS

Harcourt's Homework Helper



SpellingCity banner

Spelling City will call out your child's spelling test for you and you can check his/her score. Great Practice.

Spelling City:  Listed  are the spelling list in 2-1 and 2-2 of Harcourt Trophies. (Vocabulary words are included in the spelling words.)

     Being Me              Teach Me | Test Me | Games

1. The Mixed-Up Chameleon

2. Get Up an Go

3. Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon

4.  Days with Frog and Toad

5. Wilson Sat Alone

Helping Hands             Teach Me | Test Me | Games

1. The Enormous Turnip

2. Helping Out

3. Mr. Putty and Tabby:  Fly the Plane

4. Hedgehog Bakes a Cake

5. Lemonade for Sale

      Our World           Teach Me | Test Me | Games

1.Johny Appleseed

2. From Seed to Plant

3. The Secret Life            of Trees 

4. Watermelon Day

5. Pumpkin Fiesta

Imagine That          Teach Me | Test Me | Games

1. Jimmy's Boa

2. How I Spent My Summer Vacation

3. Dear Mr. Blueberry

4. Cool Ali

5. The Emperor's Egg

 Neighborhood News   Teach Me | Test Me | Games

1. Pine Park Mystery

2. Good-Bye, Curtis

3. Max Found Two Sticks

4. Anthony Renoso

5. Chinatown

Travel Time       Teach Me | Test Me | Games

1. Abuela

2. Beginner's World Atlas

3.Dinosaur Travels

4.Montique on the High Sea

5. Ruth Law Thrills a Nation

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Language Arts Sites for Kids and Teachers.
 Students' Favorite Sites 

Webquest Sliding Turtle

References and Search Engines for Students 

Updated:  November 16, 2013

Cool Links Frisbee Turtle

FREE Presentations


PowerPoint format  

Learn to Read
It's Fun to Read
I'm Reading
          9-Feb-Head (10K)    

 I Can Write A Letter letters      Games page #2games      E-reader-small (1K) readers     Animated Stories by Childrenwinners
 Home  Music Books Puzzles Games  • Contests  • Winners
 • I can write letters. You can write letters

tick-3 (1K) Click to read the new stories

tick-3 (1K)lick to send us your stories.        

  RIF Reading Planet girl readingBook and Computer Adventures        Story Line On Line
Let Betty White read this story to you.

Educational Games

SchoolCenter Picture
Game Goo Kids Games



is a kids safe portal for children, parents, schools and teachers.

 is the leader in free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students to learn on the web.




Reading Fun *Grades K-2

Interactive games for primary students


Students can read the books or have them read to them.


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 Super Social  Studies Sites    Christmas Sites
"Cool School"   Where Peace Rules
 Dear Educator,

"Cool School"  is video games that have proven to be an exceptional learning tool for young children. Through careful study Cool School has been shown to teach young children valuable skills in conflict resolution, such as sharing and avoiding bullies

Thanksgiving Sites   for Kids

The First Thanksgiving

Great site with videos and slide shows     
Native American 
Thanksgiving Sites

Georgia Today and Yesterday

Updated 1-2-12


    Georgia     Picture

     Scavenger  Hunt

Updated 4-26-11

PowerPoint,  Activity Pages

and Links    


Classroom  Rules:      


Can be adjusted to

fit the needs of your class.


Penny Postcards

Click on the state and then on the county name to see

old penny picture postcards from that area...pretty neat. 

Click here>> Penny Postcards


     Sites on 

    Fire Safety


Native American Sites  
Updated: 8-7-11

     Information and Vocabulary

Scavenger Hunt Updated: 8-7-11

    Crafts logo

U.S. Mint

Christmas Sites




Book and Computer


This site created and maintained by Barb McGee, K-6 Technology Teacher at Regina Elementary in Iowa.

cartoon computer

Great Links for Themes by the Months

This site created and maintained by Barb McGee, K-6 Technology Teacher at Regina Elementary in Iowa.



Teacher-made Power Points    in     Science and Social Studies

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          Super Science Sites  Sites      (more on this link)





Updated: 1-4-12

Dental Health
Our Solar Systems

Scavenge Hunt 

"Out in Space"


Plants and Animals:
Life Cycles

Updated: 11-18-13




1. Matter, Matters

2.  Matter Sites 


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Math Websitescartoon turtle                        Math Sites  

Teacher Made Worksheets

        (A variety of second grade math skill) Most of the links are fixed now!

Timed Math Facts

Math Websites

All About Money 
Sites and






  All About Money




Best Primary Math
Interactive math tools, math activities and math fun for kids and their teachers

  Projects  in Social Studies and Science 
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Odds and Ends


Teachers' Sites


 November 16, 2013


GA Retired Educators Association

GREA Area VI Site 2013-14

GREA Area VI Site 2014-15

GREA Area VI Site 2015-16

  (Bryan/Evans Retired

Education  Association)











Updated: 8-14-11



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